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English spoken

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English spoken

Ce sujet a 6 réponses, 5 participants et a été mis à jour par domont domont, il y a 17 ans et 1 mois.

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    If you want .
    The problem is (I think (what do you think about it thorgal.bd?)) « there is some people who can speak in english?

    So, all answers of the other profils will give you an answer at this interrogation!

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    English spoken

    I am able to understand French. It will take more time for answer in French. So I’d like to answer back in English. There are some Thorgal fans worlwide with English spoken. If you do not wish English spoken, can you give the link for Thorgal Forum in English ?


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    I am fluent but perhaps it is not the case of the other members. Is English really your main language ? The mistakes in your post are quite strange for a native…

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    You can write in english if you want, it’s not a problem.

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    I answer a question from a private message.

    I don’t know if there’s a recent edition of Thorgal in english.
    In the Eighties at least 3 albums existed :
    – The Sorceress Betrayed (1+2)
    – Child of the Stars (7)
    – The Archers (9)

    …translated by Chris Tanz and Jean-Paul Bierny, published by Ink Publishing, distributed by the Donning Co.

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    Thank you very much for above answer and the link for 3 volumes.
    I am surprised there are 3 volumes in English.

6 réponses de 1 à 6 (sur un total de 6)

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